Toast Safety

emerson“Give me wine to wash me clean
From the weather-stains of care.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When it comes to special occasions (or special bottles) and all eyes turn to you expectantly…it may be time to make a toast. Some of us dread it, some of us love it a bit too much. It occurs to me that toasts are best kept brief and understated. Some of my favorite toasts are petite…”To us”, or “To Absent Friends” or “To Joy” come to mind. While a select few of us can make up an Emersonian oratorical pearl at the drop of a hat, if you are not so lucky here are some useful tips for your next turn as the toastmaster: A Guide to Toasting @ INTO WINE

Do you have a favorite toast or a funny (or frightening) toasting story? We’d love to hear from you. Write your comments in the box below.

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