Think “Tibbie’ for a Perfect 2-Daycation. Part 2 :: Tiburon, CA

We had an early morning wake-up call since we had signed up for the special Tiburon/Angel Island Getaway Package, and wanted to explore the island before it got too hot. After fueling up over breakfast and countless cups of deliciously strong coffee, we walked a block to catch the ferry.

Reaching the island about 20 minutes later, we had a quick debate about what mode of transportation to use for our explorations….Muff was to scared to try the Segways, ( I know– sometimes even I wonder why we’re still friends?,) and I refused to join the oldsters on the guided tram tour (although I’m sure it’s interesting) so we settled on renting bikes.

Biking was the perfect compromise, since the circular 5 miles route offered incredible views, and thankfully was mostly easy pedaling with only an occasional hill. Two hours later we were more than ready for lunch. The island boasts a cute café with fairly-priced picnic fixings; fresh salads, sandwiches, snacks and wine.
Now, for a few words about Angel Island. First, it’s the largest island in the San Francisco Bay. Second, it’s a State Park. Third, it’s oft referred to as the “Ellis Island of the West”. It served as an immigration station between 1910 and 1940, with many of the brick buildings still standing. You’ll love the snap-history lesson -all the important sites are clearly marked with stone plaques and a brief explanation.
Fourth,we loved the spectacular views of Marin County, San Francisco, the Golden Gate, actually, the entire Bay Area. These particular views are not often seen unless you are boating.

Let the happy, super-friendly staff at the Tiburon Lodge put the whole package together for you, to make things really user-friendly. And, with the price of gas these days, revel in the knowledge that on your 2 -Daycation at The Lodge at Tiburon


a visit to Angel Island your vehicle will never once move from Park.

Now that’s what I call Geographically Desirable!

* Names were NOT changed to protect the identity of anyone.

The Lodge at Tiburon is a member of Larkspur Hotels and Restaurants.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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