The Blue Mediterranean on has many things to offer. Sure the teens and young adults love it, but its appeal to more of the general public is becoming obvious. Everything from basic chat with new and current friends to movies, music, and all sorts of media abound on the site that has taken off with the spare time of many a red-eyed soul.

I have found the travel groups on My Space to be quite intriguing. They have clubs of people interested in all types of local, global, and exotic destinations under the “Places and Travel�? section.

My favorite is the Blue Mediterranean group where people interested in countries such as Turkey, Greece and Lebanon indulge in lively chat and express themselves sharing stories and pictures. Many are actually from these exotic lands and use the site to socialize and hook up with others. Amazingly, this is just one of 300 groups in this category created by Myspacers.

For us voyeurs, this is just the type of thing that adds some spice to our average time online surfing or doing research. Social networking sites like this one can often give you insight into different perspectives and take you on virtual trips offering exposure to people and their lands via shared experiences –– yours and theirs.

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