The Wray and Nephew Rum

Talking about alcohols, cognacs are regarded as one of the most expensive alcohols of the world and having a habit of cognac can cost you pretty expensive. However, these are not the ones that will cost you so much. There are many alcohols in the world that costs higher than the homes and mansions we live in.

The Wray and Nephew Rum are regarded as the most expensive rum of the world. It was showcased in the first Rum festival of Europe. It can cost you a staggering $54,000. Jamaican distillers have made this bottle of rum. It is one of those bottles packed in 1940 and is unopened till date. After the famous cocktail Mai Tai this famous rum had been run out of supply. The managing director of the Rum Festival at the time said, “It was too tempting to leave it unopened.”


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