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Element Hotel The big green thing you see in major US cities soon isn’t “The Incredible Hulk.” Because Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide just announced it’s introducing a new green hotel chain. Element is opening its first hotel in Lexington, Massachusetts, with others soon Irving and Houston, TX, plus Las Vegas, NV.

In all, Element plans to have over 20 hotels open by December 2009 with rack rates starting at $165 per night. Each will request LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which require:
• Using roofing materials that reflect heat from the sun;
• Utilizing a comprehensive hotel recycling system;
• Deploying chlorofluorocarbon-free refrigerants for ventilation, cooling and heating systems;
• Buying wind or solar power;
• And even extending the privilege of priority parking for hybrid vehicles.

Whether you’re traveling for business or fun, element hotels say they’ll meet your needs no matter how long your stay, which also includes a full kitchen, healthy food choices and a gym.

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