The Most Expensive Shoes: Timeless Beauty


Ever wondered how much Cinderella’s tinsel shoes must have been, that the prince sent his men looking for the girl with the glass sleepers. Well fairy tales, do come true at times and the latest advancements in technology and innovation in fashion has actually made it happen. The world of fashion has always used a wide variety of resources to produce something new and exclusive that will always attract the lovers of fashion.

Central London, housing the Harrods department store is one such place which currently exhibits a damn exclusive piece of artistry in the form of a bejeweled pair of shoes. Priced at $125,872, these shoes made of ruby, sapphire and diamond, are a splendid example of what a designer’s mind can do aided with the right ideas and apt resources.

These pricey sandals belong to the Designer Rene Caovilla and you would be really thrilled to know that to guard these shoes made of ruby, sapphire and diamond, a poisonous cobra has been hired. Sounds eerie isn’t it…. Yet to get one glimpse of these shoes is a pure ecstasy for many fashion lovers.

Via: diamonds-iceforever

5 Responses to The Most Expensive Shoes: Timeless Beauty

  1. tina says:

    those are way cute shoes…

  2. My god $125,872 xD they sure look nice though, but I can’t see myself wearing them lol really ^^

  3. ShoesGirl says:

    Is $125,872 full price or discounted one. I would buy them for sure if there was a discount 🙂

    They aren’t meant for daily job – as far as i can see one could hardly stand 2 hours wearing them.

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