The Most Expensive Perfume in the World :: Clive Christian No.1

If you were searching for the most expensive perfume in the world, then you can conclude your search as the here comes Clive Christian No.1. You can safely say that this perfume is fit for kings. If can be all yours if you are interested in this royal piece of luxury. For this little bottle, you may need to burn a huge hole in your pocket, or in your bank account to be precise.

Each bottle is priced at a jaw-dropping £115,000. You can shop it only at, which is the only super-salon is the world. Only ten bottles of this extravagant perfume are available. The bottle is made of stunning Baccarat Crystal and the crown that Queen Victoria granted in 1872 is mounted on it. The content of the bottle is 500ml of Clive Christian No.1. It is really sad that you cannot get a free sample of this rare beauty.


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