Another Memorable Month for Vagablond

We’re celebrating yet another in a string of 14 incredible months of articles and success here at Vagablond. So we want to thank our loyal readers and hard-writing contributors.

We now have:
• Over 50,000 visitors a month
• More than 1,140 stories spread over more than 110 pages of content.
• Articles focusing specifically on food, wine or travel.
• Wonderful reviews of restaurants and boutique hotels.
• And a continuing commitment to improve the site for your convenience, such as our free Feedburner subscription, Translations into nine languages, etc.

Some of our favorite stories in May included these stories by Lead Writer Gil Zeimer:
Fondue, Fondly Remembered: The Melting Pot, US;
Dig Those Hoffa Cupcakes: Milford, MI;
Making Mom’s Day;
Reds, Whites & News: Secrets of Sommeliers;
What’s Eating The Critic? A Food Writer’s Blog; and
Hitting Bottom: Ushuaia, Argentina.

These stories by contributor Terah Shelton:
Summer Fun: USA;
By The Book: Da Vinci Code Tours, Paris

And these stories by contributor Maureen Littlejohn:
Snow Geese A Go-Go: Quebec A Pit Stop for Thousands on Their Way to the Arctic; and
Sweet New Ride: Hershey Park, PA.

Keep telling your friends about Vagablond. And if you should want to advertise on our site, please let me know: [email protected]

Posted by Gil Zeimer on June 01, 2006 in Travel

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