The Latest Headphones By Nixon

I guess you have heard about Nixon. Yes, I am talking about the company, which is famous for manufacturing watches especially for board sports enthusiasts, Tokyo drifters, and design savvy iconoclasts. Now the last products that they are manufacturing are headphones! The best part about the news is that these headphones are perfectly compatible with that BlackBerry or iPhone that you are glued to each day. Once you look at these beautiful headphones, you will definitely want to grab a set. If you love music then the Nixon headphones should be by your side.

The material used for the specs are really cool. The combination of fabric wrapped cables full grain leather and steel makes the headphones look like they have walked straight out a Milandese designer’s studio. The price range is from $40-$200. That is not much for a quality product. The stylish models include The Master-Blaster, The Wire, and The Nomadic. Learn the product’s details here.

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