The King of Euro-Style US Boutiques: Ace Hotel, Seattle

The Stranger
said, “The overall aesthetic statement: Sexy comfort.” Wallpaper added, “The City’s obsession with the future has come full circle.” What are they hyping? Ace, Seattle’s leading design hotel, a small, intimate place that lets you feel like you are “somewhere” not just “anywhere.”

Ace is the place for how you want to travel –– simple, stylish, and reasonably priced for all the comforts of a business class hotel without the “soul-killing blandness of a faceless chain or last year’s design school fads.”

Located in Seattle’s historic Belltown in the heart of downtown, and a few blocks from the fabulous Pike Place Market, the Ace offers “handsome accommodations combined with modern lines and an eclectic sensibility, re-interpreting the classic flavor and affordability of European-style lodging.”

A: 2423 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
T: 206.448.4721
F: 206.374.0745
E; [email protected]

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