Inhale the natural air at the Kasaka River Lodge


The Kasaka River Lodge is located in a natural bushy wonderland where each chalet is built up in a beautiful manicured terrace of native flora. It is located on the bank of the Zambezi River near the Lower Zambezi National Park where the Lower Zambezi Valley stands with its unspoiled natural fragrance. The perfect safari experience can be enjoyed in this 20 bed luxurious lodge where natural resources and wildlife are very common. Guests are offered with two types of accommodation; Tame and Wild, both are highly luxurious and pampering but the only difference is the surrounding decoration. The Tame is embellished with the magnificent landscaped gardens and its tents are set in the open air with private pools near the river. The Wild is set in the midst of naturally grown bushes. The chalets are 16 sq.m. each decorated with rich furniture made from original rosewood, teak, and mahogany. The tents are built on the hard slasto stone plinths with an en-suite bathroom and large bedrooms with teak wood beds. A perfect ambience of African culture and tradition is well defined in this natural haven.


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