The Fame of La Escepcion Cigar is Now a Legend


Ever thought of enriching your unique collections of historical things with an exclusive and special cigar. La Escepcion signifying the exceptional brand of Havana cigars is one of the oldest brand of cigars with a rich and strong taste. Circulated quite a number of times, this brand of cigar was always connected to Hoyo de Monterrey. Presently is belongs to F. Palacio y Cia.

The 1850’s saw the emergence of this Cuban brand of cigars as one of the favourites with men. However in 1989, the production of this exclusive brand of cigars ceased, primarily as the customers found its taste too strong to sustain. In fact, the ongoing Revolution also couldn’t effect its popularity as 8 models were till then enlisted in the official catalogue of Cubatabaco.

These cigars were manufactured in the factory named Partagas. Among the various models of cigars produced by La Excepcion house of branded cigars, the ‘Jose Gener Gran Gener’ was the best. Unfortunately a limited number of these ‘9-inch long and 24 ring gauge Havana’ cigars is left. One of the ‘Jose Gener Gran Gener’ cigars is worth almost $682.80 (£367).


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