Now You See It, Now You Don’t In Ad Notam’s Mirror


What do you think should be the right tagline for the German company that produced something that changes to high-resolution LCD monitor from a mirror? Something like “now you see it, now you don’t” sounds right, but this is not the tagline for German company Ad Notam. Ad Notam has manufactured a mirror that, at the touch of a button becomes high-resolution LCD monitor, which is truly a unique product.

“Ad Notam’s creator, Oliver Röttcher, launched what he calls mirror-image technology to the lavish hotel market back in 2001, installing units in Wynn Hotel and Ritz-Carlton properties. Now, by making mirror TVs available to residential applications, he has taken this to the next level.

The latest models, dubbed the c, were first launched in the Amsterdam’s trade show. This masterpiece holds a whopping price tag of about $40,000. Oliver Röttcher further says, “Nothing is out of the question, and anything is possible.”


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