The Cure for CrackBerry Addicts: Sheraton Chicago Hotel

If you’re addicted to your “CrackBerry” like many of my friends who can’t go a minute without being in touch with their email, here’s a cure. The General Manager of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers Rick Ueno, is a so-called “recovering CrackBerry addict.”

He offers hotel guests to the heart of the city a vacation from their BlackBerry by locking it behind his desk during your visit. Don’t know if he gets any 3am calls for guests with CrackBerry withdrawal pangs, but it’s always a good idea to take a few days off.

Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers
A: 301 East North Water Street Chicago, Illinois 60611.
T: 312.464.1000.

[Via Tech Chronicles, SF Gate.]

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