Having Your Chocolate and Drinking It, Too: Chocolate Coffee, Atlanta

Opened in 2002, Chocolate Coffee owners, Ken and Vera Bettin, have been brewing coffee, mixing ice drinks, and baking pastries for coffee-loving Atlanta locals. A hypnotic ambience of soft piping music, computers hissing encouraged by free Wi-Fi, and the friendly tone of the staff have helped transform Chocolate Coffee into a neighborhood institution, where it’s common to hear customers referred to by name.

All day a train of stay-at-home moms, young professionals, students, and travelers roll through the cozy autumn inspired dining room of pea green leather seats, deep burgundy columns, a dust-colored ceiling, and hand-painted beige tables. House specialties include toasted almond mochas and turtle tracks lattes, made with steam milk, creamy caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate. Hungry? Indulge in moist Gingerbread man cookies, muffins, and a cake of its namesake, chocolate.

W: www.mychocolatecoffee.com.
T: 404.321.0174.

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