The Buck Starts Here :: “Stay in Europe, Pay in Dollars” Promotion

US greenbacks Last December when I was in Roma, one Euro was the equivalent of $1.45 in my US dollars. Today, it’s worse — about $1.58 — which is excessive sticker shock to traveling Americanswho are also paying higher airfares and fuel charges. So one hotel company with 41 properties is running a new promotion to ease your pain by letting you pay in dollars with a one-on-one exchange rate.

WorldHotels has 4- and 5-star business hotels in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain. Some of the hotels are well-known, including the Hotel Plaza Brussels, the Hotel de Sers in Paris, and St. George Roma.

The rates do vary, but the average is 150 Euros per night, which is a savings of about $87 US, which will go a long way towards a meal in any European country. These prices are guaranteed when you book for payments made using your credit cards, US cash or travelers checks, with payment due when you check out.

This offer is valid through August 31, but only Thursday to Mondays. it’s not valid online, so you’ll have to call 1-800-2235652 or through a travel agent to book a room at these great rates.

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  1. Phenomenal promotion. Probably a bit of a logistical headache internally but as a US traveler, why would I stay anywhere else? Great find.

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