Ho Ho Ho-ing it in NYC over the holidays:: girlfriend getaway eateries pt 4

Agua Dulce

Agua Dulce serves “Pan-Latin cuisine incorporating an abundance of flavors from all Latin regions including the Caribbean, Central and South America”. I’m quoting this straight off of their website because recently there was a big hooplah about a scathing Time Out review questioning the “authenticity” of Agua Dulce’s food. Executive Chef Ulrich A. Sterling wrote a thoughtful rebuttal, politely correcting many of the erroneous statements throughout the review.

All I know is that the addictive chili/soy glazed soybeans, the subtle smoky flavor behind the shrimp ceviche, the evening special of butter-browned scallops with truffled cauliflower and green olives and the humongous smoked tea-braised beef short rib were all so damned good that I don’t care what kind of cuisine it is. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Oops, can’t forget a shout-out for the luscious flan served with salty caramel ice cream and toasted coconut chips. Plus, it’s a very pretty space- particularly for Hell’s Kitchen nabe.

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