Hula Skirts, Surfer Dudes & Sideways Wine Connoisseurs: Tedeschi Winery, Maui

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to vacations, Maui has the corner on the market. The best beaches, smoldering sunsets, even a Paris Hilton tale or two. But what you might not expect from Maui’s long list of attractions is Wine Tasting.

Nestled in the high country, past the winding roads and breathtaking views of the island below, is the 20,000 acre Ulupalakua Ranch and home of the Tedeschi Winery.

Your first stop might be a visit to the historic King’s cottage, also known as the Tasting Room, where you can sample a number of Maui’s wines, while standing at the handsome Mango tree bar. For those of your party who don’t enjoy wine (or do, but can’t legally), the tasting room has a wide range of beautiful soaps and lotions to be sampled, each with a different Hawaiian inspired scent. There are also specialty foods and clothing for sale, along with a fun range of wine accessories.

Outside is a beautiful setting for a picnic or a sit down if you are feeling light headed from too much tasting. Quaint foot paths mark the way through lush green grounds shaded by hundred year old trees, towering over you as they reach high into the blue sky.

The atmosphere is blissfully serene, and one could easily spend hours lost in the life of past Hawaiian royalty. To see more of the ranch’s beauty, the winery also hosts free tours, twice daily at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.

For the more adventurous connoisseurs, there are also ATV tours (but one may want to try those before they visit the tasting room).

Across the street is the delightful Ulupalkua ranch store, with rustic decorations and souvenirs, where you can get a carry out lunch or even a picture with the carved mannequins on the front porch.

If you get home and regret not buying that charming baseball cap or realize that three cases of Maui Splash just isn’t enough, you will be relieved to find that you can order them from the Online Store. In 5-7 business days you will receive enough wines and lotions to tide you over until your change jar is full enough to buy a ticket back to the island.

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