The Queen, The Bridge And The City: Queen Mary 2 Visits San Francisco

The Queen Mary 2 steamed under the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday with only 30 feet to spare. If I wasn’t watching the Super Bowl, I might have joined thousands on the span to toast this grand dame of luxury cruise ships.

The size of the ship is positively titanic and it was the largest ship to sail under the span in the history of the San Francisco Bay Area. ‘The grandest, most magnificent ship ever built…” departs tonight at 8pm for Hawaii on its round-the-world cruise. The Queen Mary 2 is:
• 1,131 feet long;
• 14 decks;
• 27 stories tall;
• 151,000 tons; and
• Holds about 2,600 passengers.

I stayed on the original Queen Mary — now a hotel in Long Beach, CA that’s supposedly haunted. But the QM 2 is a gorgeous salute to cruise ships of a past era when the word “POSH” was coined as “Port Out, Starboard Home” for the best views while asea.

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