The 7 Question Interview – Chef Ed Cooney – Merrion Hotel

We had the pleasure of dining at the Cellar, at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin last October. It was indeed one of the highlights of our trip. Our newest feature will be us turning the tables and learning a bit more about the some of our favorite chefs. Chef Cooney was kind enough to answer our questions.

1. What is your earliest memory of loving food?
I remember as a child, standing on a stool in our kitchen helping my mother to bake. I remember vividly rubbing butter into flour making the pastry for apple tart.

2. What was the first dish you perfected?
Roast potatoes for our family Sunday dinners.

3. If you could only choose five(5) ingredients to cook with for one month what would they be?
Well, the first three ingredients are easy: butter, potatoes and onions. After that I think it would be chicken and apples for versatility.

4. What is your favorite breakfast?
Porridge (Irish oatmeal) with wild Irish honey.

5. Name three(3) people you would love to have cook for you?
Michel & Albert Roux and Julia Roberts!

6. What is the most important decision you have ever made?
Coming to work in The Merrion Hotel when it opened in 1997.

7. If you had one meal left on this earth, what would it be and who would you enjoy it with?
Roast loin of Irish lamb with a herb crust, dauphinoise potatoes, green asparagus and a tarragon jus. I would enjoy it with my four beautiful children (or Julia Roberts!).

The Merrion Hotel | Upper Merrion Street,
+353 1 603 0600 | Website

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