Tease your Taste Buds with a Precious Platinum Cake


A hearty meal becomes even nicer when it is ended with a perfect dessert. What can be more enjoyable than cakes, cookies, puddings, etc to have something tasty and sinful to sooth your sweet tooth? When you are looking for desserts, you must once taste the Platinum Cake baked by a renowned chef of Japan, named Nobue Ikara. This spectacular cake of $130,000 is a dream to platinum lovers.

This expensive cake is made delicious with simple white frosting and decorated with all kinds of platinum ornaments like necklace, pendants, pins, chains, strings, rings and edible foils. Some of the draped ornaments in this delicate piece of creation are also edible. Ikara dedicated this expensive creation of his to all Japanese women! This attractive dessert is crafted to promote platinum jewelry to women. Platinum with the white cake offers a great combination of purity with brightness! With this pricey cake, Ikara wished to enhance the sale of platinum in Japan, which has steadily declined in recent past!

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