Brewing a Hidden Gem: North Coast Brewing Company, Fort Bragg, California

The best thing about the Northern California coast past Bodega Bay is definitely the Pacific Ocean. There isn’t a whole lot else that far up the coast. There are tiny beach towns deep in tsunami country scattered along the highway, but most of them have little more than a diner, a gas station, or a cheap motel. However, there are some gems if you take the time to pull over. North Coast Brewing Company in historic Fort Bragg, California, is one gleaming example of a lucky find.

It’s actually at two sites, just blocks away on Hwy 101. The first site is the actual brewery, and to get a free tour, just show up and ask for one. But it was the Tap Room and Grill that reeled me in.

As soon as you walk in, all you see is ribbons and plaques, first place, second place, every place. The beer is excellent and they have a draught for every palate. They even have a 10-beer sampler if you can’t decide what it is you feel like. The food is also excellent. I had some of the best grilled salmon ever, and the portions were just right — I didn’t leave hungry and I didn’t feel bad about tossing out enough food to feed a small village.

A: 455 North Main Street, Fort Bragg CA 95437.
T: 707.964.2739.

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