Taurus Mountains welcome the guests at Mardan Palace


The south coast of Turkey in the Lara region nestles the most gorgeous Mardan Palace which overlooks the marvelous beauty of the Mediterranean Sea through the hilly landscapes and the nearby historic sites of the Roman, Ottoman and Greek age. The surrounding offers an enjoyable and soothing atmosphere with its unique and opulent natural physiology which provides guests with a perfect shelter to be intimate with nature. The sand dunes and the pine forests borders this unspoiled natural area and protect the luxurious paradise from the outer artificial world. This heaven and the resort in this small Antalya town will guide guests to a swimming reef where the guests can play with over 3,000 tropical fish. An opulent atmosphere prevails within the four walls of the resort where the accommodations are designed only to pamper the guests with ultimate luxury and uncompromised comfort. All the rooms are equipped with highest luxury and every modern facility so that the guests can enjoy the peerless beauty of the striking Da Vinci Bridge and the wonderful Taurus Mountains lying in the pleasure and comfort of the palace. The most grand and gorgeous destination in the resort is the Royal Suite which is a palatial suite with two en-suite bedrooms.

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