Take Me Out To The Ballgame & Bring A Wad of Cash :: The New Yankee Stadium, NY

yankee-stadium1 The new, $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium opened a few days ago to mixed reviews from the fans and the media. On the plus side, the joint is spectacular with flat-screen TVs, exquisite dining establishments, private clubs, conference rooms, martini bar, a farmer’s market, and food choices like Veal and Chicken Bolognese or an Italian Antipasto Wrap that you can order from your seat.

On the minus side, the ticket prices are so high, the Yankees should be playing on the moon. How’s $2,625 for the best single game seats in the new House That Ruth Built? How’s $90 to #375 for a field level seat? How’s $200,000 for season tickets? Now, here’s some good news… the bleacher seats are only $14 — though your view may be restricted by a pole or something.

But if you’re a big fan — and my buddy Ronnie from NJ who now lives in Dallas is one of the biggest –- the cost of a ticket at the new Yankee Stadium — or any day this week, is worth the bragging rights to say, “Hey, I was there!”

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