Dinner & A Movie: Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, TX

When I lived in Texas, I was amazed at how much fun y’all could have at a restaurant. Between the country western music, huge plates of cholesterol-bustin’ food and king-sized drinks, it was always a hoot. Folks down in Austin have found the perfect recipe for entertainment: Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, where you can get dinner and a movie with some live entertainment thrown in.

Some of the specials they have that include the movie are:
• Mondays are $1 admission and $6 pizzas;
• Tuesdays are $2 domestic beer and $6 burgers;
• Wednesdays are documentaries and free cult movies at midnight;
• Thursdays through Saturdays are weekly midnight movies;
• Fridays are the Sinus Show, the most popular live comedy attraction in town; and
• The last Saturday of the month features a Saturday Morning Film Club with a free children’s film series.

There are now four Drafthouses in Austin, one in Houston, one in San Antonio, one in Katy, and one that’s a Rolling Road Show. The original is in Austin’s Warehouse District at 409 Colorado Street. T: 512.476.1320. Check out Alamo’s Web sitewww.drafthouse.com,

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