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With ATA and Aloha Air going belly up within the last week, here’s some good news about a solvent airline…

JetBlue joins a growing list of travel-related sites and popular airlines that now accept PayPal. Others are Southwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways, Midwest Airlines and Hotwire.com. PayPal is particularly compelling in the online travel booking process because its top five consumer benefits include:

1) Speed through checkout: Picking a flight already requires sorting through and choosing departure dates and times, picking seats and entering traveler details. PayPal speeds up and removes the hassle of the checkout process by eliminating the need for retyping credit card information.

2) Secure online transactions: Consumers pay without exposing financial information to merchants.

3) Double dip on rewards: Some airlines offer extra rewards, like frequent flyer miles, for paying with PayPal. If you fund your travel payment with a rewards credit card, you can earn double rewards for your purchase.

4) Use a bank account: With PayPal, consumers that don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards can fund travel purchases directly from any designated bank account.

5) Accepted worldwide: Upon completing travel purchases, consumers will find that their PayPal accounts can also be used on eBay and at thousands of online businesses worldwide.

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By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Lead Writer/Editor

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