Take a Plunge into the World’s Costliest Pool


If swimming is your hobby, then you must try taking a plunge in San Alfonso Del Marr Resort’s swimming pool in Chile. The 20-acre swimming pool can include as many as three football fields in it. It is the world’s largest swimming pool with a deep end of 115 feet.

The resort owners maintain complete hygiene as far as the pool is concerned. The pool water is circulated on a regular basis by computer monitored suction and filtration system. The bottom of the pool is visible even from its deepest point. During the summer, the temperature of the water is maintained at 78F to keep it cool.

The pool has the capacity to hold as much as 66 million gallon of water and has already made it to the Guinness Book of World Record. An amount close to $2 billion has been spent on building the swimming pool and the annual maintenance cost of the same is nearly $4 million.

Via: most-expensive.net

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