Yarra Valley protects the heritage Victorian mansion, Chateau Yering


Through the Victoria countryside, along the spectacular natural beauty of the Yarra Valley nestles in its heart the gracious heritage luxury retreat of 1854 – the Chateau Yering. The entire setting of this marvelous accommodation along the Yarra River is surrounded by the vineyards and the backdrop gives visitors a perfect view of the rose dotted hills. The pristine countryside beauty influences the guests to experience a simple yet elegant lifestyle while staying in the designer havens of the retreat. The interior décor of the exquisite guestrooms and lavish suites reflects the ambience of unique design featuring grand fabrics and furnishings. The textures and colors for the walls are subdued to create an atmosphere of indulgence and refinement. This Victorian mansion is spread over 250 acres with 32 suites with unique designs and decor to meet the taste of every guest. Some of the havens are designed in the style of rural Victorian age and the corners feature antique furniture to maintain its royalty.

Via www.chateauyering.com.au

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