Seoul Food: Bau House Cafe Is Dog-Gone Good

Imagine a restaurant that caters to people, pampers pooches, lets them bark nonstop, and even offers them bowls of shaved ice. This fantasy is a reality at the Bau House Cafe in Seoul, South Korea. On a typical weekend, this oasis for dog lovers serves 50 to 60 tables of customers in its third floor space near a university, with pet owners sipping pricey fruit shakes while their dogs nibble on free treats. For a pet, that’s the next best thing to drinking water out of the toilet!

Approximately 15 dogs who are pets of the owner live at the Bau House Cafe full-time. The place was created about five years ago to let pets and owners congregate, which is unique to Seoul restaurants.

Visit its Web site or read this story from NPR: Dog Days Never End at Seoul Cafe.

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  1. Grace Mark says:

    A Korean restaurant that has nibbles for dogs. Achh, you innocent liebchin. Is it possible that they are, instead, nibbling on the dogs? Hmmmm.

    Love your pieces on Ireland. I do want to go someday. Sans dog, however.

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