Smoke-Free at Grand Targhee :: Wyoming

If you’re a smoker and your summer or winter vacation includes the intimate Grand Targhee Resort in the magnificent Grand Teton mountains, plan on spending a lot of time in the far reaches of the parking lot. That’s the only place at the resort anyone will be allowed to light up.

The resort 42 miles west of Jackson Hole on the western slope of the Tetons is going smoke-free on June 1. The policy requires all visitors and employees to refrain from smoking except in the one designated area at the east end of the main parking lot, tucked behind an island of trees and out of sight. That means no smoking in any buildings, outside around the base area, in parking lots other than the designated area, on chairlifts and in lift lines.

Many resorts around the west have banned smoking inside buildings and on lifts (fire danger being just one reason), but the Grand Targhee effort takes it farther and reflects the resort’s commitment to creating a healthy environment for visitors and employees.

The move follows other anti-smoking steps taken by the small, luxurious resort. In 2002, Grand Targhee prohibited smoking in all resort lodging units and in 2003 it extended the ban to all base facilities, including the bars.

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