Your Favorite Dish Will Never Be “86’d”* Again!

If you love fine dining, but do get tired of the whole rigmarole involved in dining out… hours on speed dial to get a rezzie at one of your fav restaruants, dressing up, parking, hiring the babysitter, missing the latest installment of “Entourage” — particularly when you actually DO like to cook… then you will love this handy recipe-box collection containing the chefs signature dish from your favorite restaurants.

(Thoughtfully the recipe cards have been scaled down for home use and come complete with serving and wine suggestions.)

So far these are only available for NYC and SF, natch! But, I’m hoping that other foodie cities will be coming. SF offers such popular dishes as: Slanted Door’s Shaking Beef, Gary Danko’s Horseradish-crusted salmon, and even the Strawberry Gazapacho from Michelin 2 ** recipient, Manresa.

Available online at

*86 is restaurant slang for “out of a dish”

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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  1. Fred Zaleoski says:

    Own both editions, these are fantastic. Can’t wait for New Orleans!

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