Another Reason To Travel Off Season

My wife and I have been to four continents over the past decade, but most of the trips have been off season. After suffering through the summer crunch last week in two touristy East Coast US areas, here is some off season advice for travelling when everyone isn’t: 1) Enjoy shorter lines — In one December day, we toured Notre Dame, the Louvre and The Eiffle Tower with no lines at all. 2) Enjoy cooler weather — A bit of rain, wind or snow if preferable to 90 degrees with 95% humidity.

3) Enjoy smaller crowds — Even when seeing world famous sites, there are fewer people. 4) Enjoy the restaurants –– Sit with locals, not tourists. 5) Enjoy lower airfares — The earlier you book off season flights, the lower they should be compared to high season summer fares. And 6) Enjoy your trip!

Have an off season tip to share? Please comment below.

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