Sit Your Butt Down: Smoker’s Café, Dublin, GA

I feel sorry for smokers. Well, not really. But they have fewer places to light up as state after U.S. state passes no smoking laws in restaurants. Even a few notable hotel chains like Starwood, Marriott and Kimpton have banned butts from their rooms.

That’s why the sign reading “Bring Your Butts On In” in front of the Smoker’s Café in Dublin should bring a smile to any Georgia smoker’s bloodshot eyes. The owners, Chuck and Kay Fordham, exploited a loophole in the state’s year-old smoking ban by saying their diner was a bar, so they could legally ban children from the restaurant and allow patrons to puff away in this greasy spoon. Read the story “Businesses Maneuver to Buck Smoking Bans” at SF

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