Most Expensive Teas:: A Tea Bag Worth $15,250?


Starting the day with a refreshing sip of the most expensive tea in the world will simply make you feel energetic to have a great day. Tea is loved worldwide as the one of the most popular beverages in line with coffee.

You can enjoy tea either as hot tea, ice tea and so on. Tea is savoured worldwide in various forms like Oolong, Black/Red Tea, White tea, Green tea, and Yellow teas. We enjoy these variations of tea depending on our tastes and choices.

Ritz Carlton of Hong Kong features the most expensive brand of tea worth $8,888 per couple and if you have an eye for the most elegant and pricey accessories then an expensive and gorgeous tea bag will just complete your tea set.

This costly tea bag is especially handcrafted by the Boodles jewellers for the occasion of the 75th birthday of the PG Tips and to add to your excitement this tea bag is worth $15,250. This diamond studded tea bag containing 280 diamonds is mainly used for the purpose of charity for kids in Manchester.

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