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Hawaii, particularly its most populous island, Oahu, is a good idea for those looking for a relatively inexpensive sun break because of even more low-fare, direct flights, cheap public transportation to just about anywhere on the island, and with some diligent searching, you can still find a basic hotel room for under $100.

BUT… if you’re looking for a Hawaii vacation that reeks of movie-star/celeb/royalty luxury status, then you’ll want to talk to Hawaii Hideaways. Their collection of rentals vary from island to island, but almost all of their 500+ villas looked exquisite, and can come with a variety of services from personal chefs to private jets to organizing your adventures.

One of their largest and most prestigious homes, Sandy Surf, is 15,000 square feet of luxury living on Keawakapu Beach, which has 9 bedrooms & 10 full baths! Various other amenities include infinity pools, retracting glass walls, gorgeous jacuzzi filled marble bathrooms with flat-screen TVs affixed to panoramic mirrors, enormous BBQ areas, billiard tables, and more…


Mahalo from Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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  1. Kathey Hanrahan says:

    Our stay with Hawaii Hideaways was amazing! We have not had that carefree of a vacation in a long time. They were one step ahead of us in planning, activities and taking care of the details. For concierge, ask for Autumn or Sunny. They’re awesome. We stayed at the Plumeria and I plan to go back!

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