What’s $100 Mill Buy Nowadays?

If you guessed one used QE2, then you win the grand prize. Word on the street is that the booming lil’ Gulf Emirate of Dubai paid just that for one fabulous oceanliner, The Queen Elizabeth 2. Which just goes to show you that some things DO get better with age.

There will be no new itineraries, since Dubai plans to restore the grande damme to its former glory and then turn it into a luxury floating hotel, which will be berthed at The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s huge multi-million dollar palm-shaped artificial island. So the world’s most famous ocean liner will be parked at the world’s largest man-made island. (This follows the fate of the Queen Mary 1, which has been a lux floating hotel in Long Beach, CA since the early 1970s.) Included in the make-over will be an area that will house a museum, celebrating its rich history.

The ship, which was launched by Queen Elizabeth II herself in September 1967, is the longest-serving cruise liner in Cunard’s 168-year history and was its longest-serving flagship. Since it came into service 40 years ago, the ship has undertaken 25 world cruises, has crossed the Atlantic more than 800 times, and has carried more than 2.5 million passengers. Ahhh, if those staterooms could only talk.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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