Savor the Sumptuous Dining at Se San Diego Hotel


Your stay in Se San Diego reaches a new height with the heavenly dining experience amidst a brand new world of culinary delights. Among the in-house restaurants, one of the popular haven for the foodies is the Suite & Tender. This eating outlet provides you with a succulent experience of some of the best steaks and sumptuous collection of seafood delicacies. Upon ordering a steak you will be offered a selection of knives from around the world. Nice touch I thought.

The Dodd Mitchell interiors features a blend of earthy yet contemporary touch. The popular chef Christopher Lee, the winner of the James Beard award is the sole architect of the lip smacking delicacies in Suite & Tender and Se San Diego proudly houses a part of his creative genius.

The in-room dining experience being one of its kind features some of the most innovative delicacies prepared by the seasoned chef of the hotel. During our stay we treated ourselves to a in-room breakfast. Everything from the seasonal fruit to the links sausages were superb. I take it upon myself to test out the eggs benedict at most places. It did not disappoint, and I would give it a 9 out of 10 on my benedict scale. If anything it was slighhtly cold, but I don’t think this can be avoided in terms of room service. We dined by the pool and likely tried most items on the menu before we checked out. The splendid and stylish Siren Pool and Uber Lounge was far and away my favorite area to eat (and drink). This is an open air dining space along the pool featuring a bar and lounge facilities. Set in the serene and romantic ambiance this pool side dining experience is the perfect setting for a bit of romance You can enjoy a great time sipping to your favourite cocktails and some light delicacies. The rooftop pool is situated above the House of Blues, which helps give the hotel a nightlife buzz that is difficult to compare to anyone in downtown San Diego. The balance between luxury hotel and nightclub is a fine one. They seem to shut down the music and entertainment at a reasonable hour (midnight or so), but if you are sensitive to noice a nice set of earplugs will do the trick if you want to go to bed earlier than some.

We waked the neighborhood and Se does a wonderful job drawing the right kind of attention to its’ dining and entertainment. There seems to be a steady hum or buzz that keeps people moving through the front door. With the assortment of options any group can surely find what they are looking for at Siren or Suite & Tender.


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