Savor authentic American taste at hilltop eatery, the Orange Hill Restaurant


Set in a picturesque setting on a hilltop in Orange County, the Orange Hill Restaurant offers its guests the wonderful opportunity to savor an authentic American taste while enjoying the pristine beauty of the entire county and its surrounding areas sitting on a hilltop eatery. Its private property is beautified with cascading waterfalls along the koi ponds surrounded by six large fire pits designed in a British style.

To enjoy the ambience of the entire place, a buffet is also offered here where pasta and omelet’s initialize the meal followed by delicious preparations of seafood and meats. The most wonderful part about this buffet is the chocolate fountain along with beautifully decorated desserts for an elegant ending to one’s fabulous dining experience. Continental dishes are also offered here in an American styled menu. Nearly 120 guests can take the pleasure of this unforgettable dining experience at a time in this hilltop restaurant.


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