Satiate Your Taste Buds with an Expensive Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam (Part I)


Class and style comes to you when you have the craving for it and why miss out on the grand opportunity of being a proud owner of a bottle of Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam. All you have to do is cash out $40,000 and the classy bottle exuding style in its sole appearance is all set to adorn your collection of champagnes.

Originally, a 1995 Vintage, White Gold Jeroboam officially hit the market in May 2008, soon to become one of the most pricy champagne among the connoisseurs of class and style. In fact, each of the 3-liter bottles of jeroboam bears the label of ‘most expensive’.

Dom Perignon Vintage 1995 White Gold Jeroboam was officially launched in May 2008 and is today the most expensive champagne jeroboam at US$17,000 or (S$24,000).

A jeroboam is a 3 liter bottle and this claim to the “most expensive” tag is explicitly tied to this size of this particular vintage.

via: Luxury Insider

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