Not So Tiny Bubbles: Costliest Champagnes for 2006

Cristal? Krug? Dom Perignon? What will be your bubbly of choice to kiss 2006 farewell and greeet 2007?

According to an article “Most Expensive Champagnes 2006” at by Nick Passmore, “when Americans do go for the fizz, it is more likely to be a high-end champagne — a vintage or prestige cuvee — rather than what is consumed in Europe where there are numerous house brands and discount labels on the supermarket shelves.

He ranks Krug Clos du Mesnil at more than $750 and the Bollinger Blanc de Noir at $575 as two of the best. And these prices, they should be.

Next in his ranking are Dom Pérignon’s Rosé Champagne that’s so popular with young, affluent nightclubbers and tipping the cash register at $400. It costs more than twice what regular Dom Pérignon’s $170 price tag.

Another popular and rare champagne is Salon Le Mesnil 1996, with a price tag of $300, followed by the most expensive vintage champagne that’s not Krug, Veuve Clicquot Rare Vintage 1988 for $85.

Finally, if you prefer American sparklers and prices, try the Schramsberg, J. Schram Rosé 1998 at $120.

However, if price is no object and you simply must sip the best in the world, check this out: the most expensive single bottle of champagne ever sold at auction during 2006 was Heidsieck Monopole 1907 for the tidy sum of $4,200.

2 Responses to Not So Tiny Bubbles: Costliest Champagnes for 2006

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve tried Dom Pérignon’s Rosé Champagne–though the retail price was certainly much more than $400 due to the added premium of also being served in a private poolside bungalow at the Delano in Miami.

    I have to say that, yes, it is a good champagne, but very overrated for the high price tag. I think that Dom in general is overrated, so perhaps I am biased.

  2. Gil Zeimer says:

    A few years ago, I won a case of Dom Perignon at a business luncheon. It was so much better than any inexpensive champagne I’d ever had that it was an amazing difference.

    So Champagne, like beauty, is in the eye and taste buds of the beholder. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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