Rustic landscape graced with untouched nature gives a panoramic destination at Fiordland Lodge


Amidst the picturesque setting of the Fiordland National Park with spectacular vistas of Lake Te Anau, the splendor and elegance of Fiordland Lodge is enhanced with the open architecture of the mansion here. The style of its architecture is perfect for the vast surrounding of the lodge. The rural landscape of the area features the panoramic beauty of the snow covered peaks of the high mountains with streams of ice flowing down the mountainous landscape to meet the deep lakes surrounded by unbroken forests and grasslands. The untouched beauty of the forest is reflected in every corner of the lodge which is built with Oregon logs and full trunk pillars. All the 9 Lodge Rooms, two superb Log Cabins and one exquisite Executive Suite, are decorated with subdued natural texture and color to give a natural impression of simple yet elegant style. The guests in all the accommodations can command over the pristine beauty of the Lake Te Anau while relaxing near the massive riverstone fireplaces.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on November 22, 2011 in Travel

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  1. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    I was just talking about this destination two days ago with my husband and now I’m reading your article. Thanks for sharing all this information!

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