Romantic Dinner in La Zebra

Romance does not mean heart shaped chocolates, candies and flowers only. However, a restaurant with a romantic setting and a great food can add a lot of spark to your date. If you want to remember a romantic outing this year then you can visit any of the most romantic restaurants in the world.

If Mexico brings the idea of romance and lip smacking food to your mind then you can settle for La Zebra in Tulum. This Mexican beachfront hotel offers terrific food and it is well acclaimed for its peaceful atmosphere. The hotel is not hippie as it sounds.

What you will notice about the menu is that it is very basic but it uses the element of fire. If you are seeking a spicy seafood-based starter then you can try the firestone soup. You will love the entrée here. The beer-marinated and slow-cooked lamb cooked in banana leaves is a delicious specialty. Click here to learn about the other specialties.

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