Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival :: October 23-25, 2008 – Edmonton, Alberta

People who know me will wonder why I went to this show. Over the years I have tried several times to acquire a taste for red wine. The conclusion I have come to is that if I had to imagine what poison would taste like, it would be very much like any red wine. I know this makes me sound very uncultured, but perhaps one day this will change. The Rocky Mountain Festival is more than just wine as the name suggests, and it was one of the most enjoyable events I have been to in some time.

I took full advantage of the ‘& Food’ part of the festival. There were at least a dozen local restaurants and businesses that took part, but I’m going to raise my glass of water to two in particular.

Kerstin’s Chocolates (home of the Cocoa Room) – They have the most delectable gourmet chocolates. I went back the table twice to try their Pumpkin Pie Chocolate. They have some pretty dazzling packaging that helps set the stage for nice array of flavours. My next step will be trying out their chocolate making classes.

Ric’s Grill – Fantastic Restaurant and one of my local favorites. They made some excellent choices with their samplings. The Ahi Tuna Carpacio may have been the tastiest thing I have come across in the last few months. So good in fact I pretended not to have already tried it when a friedn offered me another bite.

I did feel like a bit of imposter at the event, but if it is as seamlessly organized next year I’ll be there armed with my bottle of water, plastic fork and knife.

PS – I’m actually allergic to tannins in red wine I think…I know it is not poisonous.

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