Restaurant on Video: Savory New York does video overviews of restaurants in New York City. You can sign up for their newsletter, but I could not find an RSS feed for the videos, so by some definitions this is not really a videocast or podcast.

Savory New York provides detailed information about a wide range of restaurants in New York, and includes links to online reviews that give more of a favorable or unfavorable rating. The video introductions are 1 to 2 minutes long (at least the ones I saw were) and are not reviews of the restaurants, but are narrated often by a restaurant’s owner.

Still, I think this is an innovative use of videocasting and adds a level of information that you just cannot get in static photographs. Each video is tagged with “,” which takes you to the website, but which I would guess might take you to other cities in the future.

According to the Web site: “Welcome to the Savory New York Restaurant Guide. We provide comprehensive restaurant listing information, links to reviews and, for a growing number of restaurants, video profiles. ”

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