Rejuvenate Your Life with the Brand New Stanhope Residences


The grand ‘august Stanhope hotel’ recently experienced a brand new makeover spree, as this New York based hotel was transcended into an arena full of lavishing comfort homes that are a real treat to the eyes, especially if you have the taste for class, glamour and bright hues. Stanhope Residences, houses 26 apartments starting from $10 million and rocketing up to $47 million and the rest depends on your choice and liking.

Surely, the strategic location of the Stanhope Residences will act as an added attraction for you and tempt you to opt for these apartments located impressively against the ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’ and not to mention the widespread area dimension which is definitely responsible for making these apartments so pricey. These apartments have a land-lease transforming it into a co-operative having condominium norms for the next 150 years to come. Sounds appealing isn’t it… To add to your excitement, architect, John Simpson who has contributed to the designing of the Buckingham Palace, has given his precious time and designs to convert these apartments into dream havens.

The interiors and the home décor accessories are so lively and attractive that New York Observer article comments that a person might just want to own the entire two floors worth $60 million. That would make them the proud owner of 16 lavishing bedrooms making them the brand new patron of luxury and the new record holder in the city of New York.


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