Redefine your experience with the rich and elegant hospitality at Hotel Le Toiny


A perfect destination to enjoy and experience the perfection in every corner is the Hotel Le Toiny, located in St. Barthelemy’s Morne Vitet. The 17 hectare estate is a true paradise for the guests, framed in the palm grove bounded by the sparkling white sand beach, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The fifteen picturesque pastel-colored villas on a sloping landscape built in a Colonial style look marvelous and like toy huts in the midst of the surrounding white sand. Richness and elegancy prevails in the atmosphere of the hotel with grand and royal mahogany furniture in every corner. The beauty of the exquisite villas is enhanced by the combination of the safe but pleasant idiom and the bright and vibrant colors of the walls. The spacious villas are attached with a heated private pool, a patio hammock and lush bathrooms. The bliss of solitude prevails in the whole hotel and thereby ensures full privacy of the guests.


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