Rarefied Air: The Bombardier Global 5000 Corporate Jet

For some CEOs, flying first class on commercial airlines isn’t fashionable enough, having to rub elbows with all those people is for other people, and most planes are too slow. So now, those high-end, supperrich business folks are spreading their wings on the Global 5000, a new corporate jet from Montreal-based Bombardier. This super-large jet has a range of nearly 8,900 km (4,800 nautical miles) and can fly eight passengers from continental Europe to Central USA at the speed of Mach 0.89 (935km/h).

At a cost of about $35 million per plane, you’d think only a few companies would buy one. Not so. Its wider cabin can accommodate a galley that’s larger than a commercial jet’s so your staff can prepare and serve five-course meals, or you could sleep in a queen-size bed. And even if you’re 6 feet, 3 inches tall, you can walk down the plush aisles without bumping your head.

One more thing: The Global 5000 is powered by twin Rolls Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines, mounted at the sides of the rear fuselage. You wouldn’t expect them to be Ford or Chevy, would you?

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