Price of Baby Stroller Soars High


If you are looking for an exclusive way of transport for your newborn, then baby stroller is ideal for you. You can make your baby seat, enjoy the stroll down the street, and just push the stroller to different places. There are various types of baby strollers. There are also some expensive baby strollers that can cost you a whopping $3,500.

One of the most expensive strollers in the world is Kid Kustoms’ “The Roddler.” Its clutter-free design lends it a look of a classic car than a transportation for your newborn, thanks to the design based on 50s Buicks, Oldsmobiles to protect your baby from water and mud. The stainless steel chassis is inspired by designs of the aircrafts. It’s custom top and seat can be made of ostrich, stingray, alligator, cow hide or alcantra as you like. It even contains DVD player and an iPod dock. You can customize with a range of different colors as well as logos, your baby’s name, etc.


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