50ml Dalmore 64 Trinitas priced at 1 million pounds


Trinitas is the oldest and rarest name in the domain of whisky. It is nearly a 140-year old brand. A 50ml bottle of this uber-elegant Dalmore 64 Trinitas was sold at an eye-popping amount of 1 million pounds. This is a premium amount for this heritage bottle featuring quality, exclusivity and craftsmanship. The liquor is highly concentrated and complex with a perfect infusion of grapes, crushed walnuts and bitter oranges along with the sweet aroma of raisins, Colombian coffee beans and sandalwood. Some connoisseurs have also gotten the flavor of apples, dates, marzipan and figs in this golden yellow vintage liquor. The first buyer of one of these three bottles is an American who has more than 1,000 brands in his collection. He said, “The Dalmore Trinitas is now the jewel in the crown. It’s a beautiful spirit.” The second one was bought by somebody who did not disclose his identity, and the third is still waiting to enlighten someone’s collection.

Via www.independent.co.uk

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  1. Hi there

    We really appreciate the coverage about The Dalmore brand and its record breaking whisky, but unfortunately we did not sell a bottle of whisky for £1 million. And it wasn’t a 50cl bottle either.

    I have attached a link to the original story and micro site for reference, but essentially it was a 70cl bottle that sold for £100,000. Two were sold immedilately at launch and the third sold in Harrods six months later for £120,000.


    And for the record, we broke that world record at the tail end of last year when a bottle of Dalmore 62 sold for £125,000.

    Even though we did not sell a bottle for £1 million. I’m sure you will agree this story shows that whisky has arrived and gained its rightful place as a viable, successful investment vehicle

    All the best and thanks again for featuring our brand.


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