Oy To The World: Happy Hanukkah from Vagablond

My parents wanted their children to embrace a multitude of experiences and cultures. Though we were Jewish, we got a Christmas tree every season for about 10 years and opened our Hanukkah presents under it. We loved the colorful ornaments and enjoyed lighting our candles during the eight-night Festival of Lights.

I’ll always remember the feelings of sleeplessless and anticipation before the first night of Hanukkah, of wondering what presents we might receive, and of joy after the eighth and final night.

Here are some Hanukkah shopping ideas:
• Ultra Happy Hanukkah Body Detergent: $20 at bariff.org;
• “A Miracle Happened Here” undies, $15 at JewishFashionConspiracy.com; and
• “Got Latkes” bib, $19.99 at ChosenCouture.com.

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